Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My skin in a bottle

You know a common trend I see happening to many ladies is that they are being pleasantly surprised by drugstore brand cosmetics . The companies seem to be really stepping up their game.

For example, I was on a quest to find a foundation that didn't make me look too white or too red,brown,yellow,etc. I went to MAC and although the MUA matched me somewhere between NC 45-NC 50, neither of those colors looked right on me. Bobbi Brown made me look red. Hell, when I went to Sephora, some lines didn't even carry a shade that would be remotely close to me! So I went to CVS and just got some Trublend from Covergirl because I had some coupon buried in my purse.I went home tried it and....its the closest thing to my skin so far! This is in Tawny.It's light and it gives me a dewy look. You can still see my real skin underneath but it still just evens out my face.

Another thing that surprised me was the skunk brush from FLIRT! It costs about 8 bucks. I use it to stipple the foundation on my skin. My broke ass couldn't afford the 187, so this will do till after the recession.

Before I used the stippling technique, my foundation would look kinda piled on. But this brush give me this airbrush, dewy look. I have some more brushes coming in the mail from Coastal Scents, among them is the Italian Badger Skunk Brush. Can't wait to try those out.

Well take a look outside my window.Yeah that is snow I will have to be removing off my car before I go to work. Grr...I'm going back to sleep.