Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Post

Ok girls. So today I went to the mall and tried to take advantage of the free makeup giveaway at certain stores due to a lawsuit. Went do Nordstroms and they were all cleaned out, but I did get some luck at the Macy's. I was able to get a full size jar of Clinique Moisture Surge, but that was about it. The other option was the Estee Lauder's Night Serum, but I just have this idea that Estee Lauder is for more mature women ( I guess its from seeing my mom using it. Anyway I don't need this moisturizer, so I will be putting it up as a swap item at name glossyxlipz) and hopefully exchange it for something better.

Now of course you know I was not about to leave the mall without stopping by the MAC store. I am just beginning my beauty collection so bear with me if I get all excited for buying something just now that you may have had years ago =) Its all so new to me!

I have been eyeing those Viva Glam lipsticks because most reds really look too dramatic on me for everyday use. I never was able to find one that I could wear to work or just out doing errands. But today I bought the Viva Glam VI and it is sooo pretty! Here is a picture:

Sorry it isn't clear.I am so all about Mac now! I tried another color there too that I might want to buy called Feisty.The other item I bought was Sweet as Cocoa which looks exactly what my skin looks like when its blushing. Its so natural, I love it.

So now its time for me to speak about this other problem I have. I went to Trader Joes and bought this box of Strawberry Shortcake just to have something alittle sweet after dinner. Nothing wrong with that right? WrONG!!!! This this is so unbelievable delicious...and having no concept of self control... I ate the whole thing. I am so ashamed. I felt even worst when i found out it had 4g of saturated fat which is 20% of you daily intake for 1/5 of the cake...yeah so i basically ate my weeks worth of intake right there. Im going to die of a heart attack I know it. So yeah stay away from the Trader Joe's Strawberry Shortcake if you dont want this to happen to you!!!! Lethal!!

Lastly,I would just like to share a picture of Jackson NH that I took during the summer. After looking outside at the snow and ice, just looking at this picture made my day.

Sigh..spring will come soon.