Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lancome stuff

I took advantage of Lancome's deal of a free sample kit with any purchase. My mom's b-day was coming up, so I bought her some stuff she likes from the line. I thought the little eyeshadow palette was cute on the website. To be honest, I don't even know what the little bottles are exactly because my mom snatched those up really quick, leaving me with the lipstick,mascara, and shadows (the only stuff I really cared about anyway)

Here is a sample of what the colors look like on my skin:

Very light and shimmery. I do like the pink a lot. If I am not mistaken, I believe it is from the Pink Irreverence collection. It reminds me of Valentines day.

This is a picture of the lipstick that came with it in All Done Up. Its a mauve color. I am still debating how I feel about this color because I never wore a color like this before.
I mean I could wear it but, its just not a color I am used to. Excuse my bare face.

Its a fun color. I know a lot of you ladies can rock this color like it was your job to, so if your looking for a bright mauve color, this is nice. Oh yeah staying power is excellent. I wore it to sleep by accident and I woke up and there were still a bit on.

Well now, I can't not post a picture of my all time favorite bumming around shirt that I am wearing right now!
Other than that it was a do-nothing weekend. Now that its February, I have been keeping my eyes peeled for letters from the graduate schools that I have applied to for speech pathology. Yeah no anxiety... I swear these letters are not something that will determine my future and my career or anything. Nope.

This week I would like to increase my lipstick collection-I am really feeling Mac's Photo which is a deep brown. Darker than I am used to but I need a color like this. I will also check out Revlon's new Matte Collection.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

I love that palette. I'm too broke to buy it though. I can't wait to see you do a look with it.

Sonya said...

I really like the color of your lipgloss! The pink is sooo nice.

Mona said...

that is a cute pink in the palette!

i do go to cafeteria ! its 2 blocks from where i live and its always open when i need fried chicken and waffles at 3am haha