Monday, January 26, 2009

Winter Blahs

Ok so I have been feeling a bit down and I am sure its because of the gray boring weather. Its always cold and I wake up to darkness and come home to darkness. Talk about winter blahs...

Isn't this necklace cute? I bought it when I went shopping with a friend in Harvard square at a place named Zinnia. They have really affordable accessories there so you should stop by if your in the area or you can even order online. Tons of jewelry.

It only cost 9.99. I love the little unique charms on them. I got lots of compliments at work.
Speaking of winter blahs, my skin has been soo dry these few days. The air has just sucked the moisture out of my little face. I stopped by Lush and asked them for any recommendations. They pointed me to Crash Course in Skincare face mask. Its made of avocado and yogurt.


Oh I didn't scare you away yet? Ok here is the jar. It seems mighty small at first, but you can get about 7 facials. Also this has an expiration date so you cant stock up on this.
I have to say I like it. My skin did feel alot more moisturised and I had a bit of a glow. I felt so fresh, so clean.

Another favorite mask I love is by Murad. It exfoliates and eat all that dead skin you might accumulate have especially in this weather. You can get it in Sephora for 10 bucks for 3 packs. It lasts me a while since I dont use a whole pack on my face each time.
The last thing I bought was this cute little headband from Ulta for 10 bucks. It goes well with some of my business causal clothes (yeah I have some of those believe it or not haha)Aight thats all for now! Happy Monday!