Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mini Haul

Waterlining! Welcome me to the 21st century!! Talk about slow, I'm probably the last person out there to learn this cool technique, but damn did it make all the difference in the world! All this time I have been doing it wrong by not getting close enough to the eye, so I would end up looking like a panda. But thanks to Youtube videos such as this:
I see the light. It never occurred to me to slightly pull down the lower eyelid to get the best results.I was so proud! I was rocking it all day and my boyfriend loved it. Its made my eyes much more defined. I did it with a cheap black eyeliner from Ulta, buuuuut those videos got me eyeing those gel eyeliners from Makeup for Ever and Urban Decay's 24/7 in Zero. Next I will experiment with a dark brown to use for daytime.

Okie dokie and now I have to talk about my mini haul today

Ok so look, I am broke, people. But I really wanted good quality brushes. I cant get by using my fingers for application anymore but I cant fork over 40 or 50 bucks for a MAC brush either. So after watching Koren's videos on his great finds at craft stores:

So I purchased a Lowe Cornell Round Mop in XL (big brush) and another one called a Maxine Mop(smaller one) at an A.C. Moore. Total ,they cost me 11 bucks and change(I got a coupon though for next time!)

According to Koren, the larger one I bought is equivilant to Mac's 129 Brush and the smaller the 239.

Can I just say how soft it feels on the face??!! After I bought it and washed it, all I did was play with it on my face without any product on it.

Sorry I didnt take a closer picture of the smaller brush. My camera crapped out on me. That one makes an excellet eyeshadow brush and have seen a few girls use it on thier makeup tutorials on youtube. My only gripe with these brushes is the handles are so freaking long (obviously). They won't fit in my makeup case so I have them laying around until I get a brush holder. But these definitley will serve me well until I am rich enough to fork the cash for a MAC brush!! Even then, I still will keep them around.

I also bought the Fix + after trying it out in the store. I really like it, but not too crazy about the pump. I notice it makes my look more dewy, so it will be great for summer.