Thursday, January 29, 2009

Coastal Scents Brushes

Yay! So I came home yesterday and my brushes I ordered from Coastal Scents came. I bought them after watching Koren's video on them being inexpensive alternatives to MAC brushes.Ok the first one is the stippling brush (the handle is pink!!!!!) the middle one is a contour brush and the other is a buffing brush for my bronzer. I only tried the stippling brush so far and I really do like it a lot. It is bigger than my Flirt! cosmetic one.

Excuse this picture, I just got done using the Flirt brush. Now on the website it did mention that the Coastal Scents brushes will shed after washing initially, so I wasn't surprised when I saw some of the hairs come off as I rinsed it off. I must say that the brushes had this smell to it, like nail polish. After washing the scent went away on all but one of them, the buffing brush. I am assuming that this is because that brush is the denser one of the three.

I will continue to use the smaller stippling brush for hard to reach areas of my face such as the corners of my mouth and under my eyes. I think these brushes will last me a long time
Today I am expecting my package from Lancome to come with the samples!

Today I am wearing HIP in Saucy. I bought it last month.
I only used those two colors and Stila's Kitten as a highlighter.

I know its kinda subtle, but I am going to work soon. My goal next month is to buy brighter colors for more vibrant,playful looks. Then I can really have some fun then!

Ok off to work!


Sonya said...

You should do a tutorial on your eyebrows. You have really nice eyebrows!! Do you use anything to fill them in?