Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Favorite Lipsticks

Finding good lipsticks are hard for me because I have a dark ring around my lips which I like to think of as my built in lipliner (it gets darker in the summer >_<) It makes it hard for me to wear light, sheer colors. I tend to stick to browns, bronzes, and brownish red colors, though I am trying to move away from that and experiment more. Below are some of my favorite colors so far. Once again, I did not put any face makeup so get ready to see my perfect imperfections...hehe
Mac's Touch lipstick. I really like this pinkish/brownish color. It just warms my face right up, so pretty! It's a great nude for when I want to wear more dramatic eyeshadow or blush.

Mac's Viva Glam VI. I usually steer away from pinks because I usually have a hard time pulling it off. But while at the MAC store, I tried it and I fell in love. I didn't try it yet, but I bet it looks lovely paired with the Viva Glam glosses.

This is a horrible picture, I am sorry. This is Sephora's lipstick in Star. I know its hard to see but it is a bronze/brown color with specks of glitter in it. Its a staple for me and I wear it often. They go for 12$ I believe.

\This color is Cargo Nahini. Got it for my b-day and I wore it all summer because it is similar to tinted chapstick. Just a hint of color. I like it but probably wont be repurchasing because...well... like I said...its like tinted chapstick. 20$ at Sephora.

I am kinda bummed out I can't go to the Hello Kitty unvieling tonight because I am working. There are a couple of things I am interested in buying once it comes out in full effect. Romping eyeshadow and the lipstick in Most Popular seem interesting to me. Kinda broke these months because I am saving up for grad school, but I can scrape up alittle something for this collection. With everyone so hyped up for the HK collection,I wonder if MAC is even being affected by the recession?