Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Porn Star and Tinted Moisturizer Review

First off, let me apologize for being gone so long guys. I have been very sick with the stomach flu (nasssstayyy!!) and my job has been dumping all this work on me. I guess its because they know I am leaving, so why not take advantage of me right?

My shopping has come to a halt =( My car crapped out on me slapping me with a hefty bill. But I did manage to buy this really cute shirt from H&M for about 16 bucks.Love this shirt despite the couple of smart-asses made a comment that I look like a farmer.

Ok on LHCF, there was a contest for a porn star look.I wanted to enter...but I am a little shy to enter because the ladies there would soo blow me away. I just have to face the fact that looking "sexy" doesn't come naturally to me. I am a more "cute" type of girl. So I will post it here where there is no competition. Oh, and I am wearing my VS lacy top in this picture.

I promise to actually join the next contest!! I like the Egyptian theme one going on there, but I really need false eyelashes to pull that one off.

Ok quick review: Jane's Agua Ceuticals Tinted Moisturizer. It costs about 6 bucks in Walgreens.

I am fond of Jane's Cosmetics and I love a gel eyeliner I bought from them. There were having a BOGO sale so I bought this to see how I liked it. The coverage is very sheer, so this is not going to cover dark blemishes. I bought the Dark Tones shade with the understanding that tinted moisturizers need not be the same shade. Initially I liked it, it felt light and didn't feel like I had anything on, but after a few minutes, it turned darker and soon my face turned to this strange dark brown/red. Also, I feel that it is a bit drying and dries with a tacky feel. This might be a nice product if the color suits you. I would not repurchase this. In fact, I find making my own tinted moisturizer better. By mixing my foundation with face lotion, I get a much better color match. Now it will rest in peace in my MAKEUP GRAVE YARD...( lucky it was free, too bad I lost the receipt so I could trade it for something else)