Monday, February 16, 2009

Super Small Haul

Despite all the hype for the Hello Kitty Collection from MAC, I have decided that nothing really sparked my interest. I thought I would like Fresh Brew lipstick, but it really did not do anything for me. So, oh well more cash for me!

I did go to Ulta today to purchase a few things I have been wanting to try.
Carmex (just because I was sick of regular 'ol Chapstick), Sally Hansen's Natural Beauty lipstick in Seashell Nude, and NYX in Copper.

Seashell Nude is a nice neutral brownish/pink color that I could wear for everyday. Copper is a dupe of MAC's Coppering. It reminds me of a copper penny. I love it and will look fantastic for summer looks.Top is a swatch of the lipstick the bottom the NYX eyeshadow. This is my first NYX eyeshadow! Funny I have yet to buy any MAC eyeshadows. But since reading the lists of dupes floating around (Shoot me a message if you want a copy of this list), I doubt I will be buying any soon!


CandiChromatics said...

hey girl!! great blog. can i get a copy of that list? thanks babe!

Glamour Me Up ♥ said...

that nyx shadow looks really pretty! they have really good and pigmented single shadows! i feel you girl... why pay more, for just as good quality? lol

Nisha said...


I totally swear by Carmex! Its the best... Its softens and its not sticky.. plus in a jam u can use it on any ashy skin

Anonymous said...

Hey! May I get a copy of this list????

babycoconut said...

Hi Myxdchiick,sure I can send it what is your email address?

myxdchiick said...

i am myxdchiick on LHCF. Just PM me there.