Friday, February 13, 2009

Losing My Mind In The Steets of Boston,Studio Sculpt

Happy Friday! I spent the day in Boston to visit my friend Lucy (hi Lucy if your reading this!) and it was just a day of eating and shopping. But let me start off with some sad news first. WARNING LONG POST.

Studio Sculpt Foundation
Lemme start of with a funny story. I have been shunning MAC foundations because I have been colormatched to be somewhere between NC45 and NC 50, however there is no color that exist between those two. But seeing that MAC had this new foundation out, I was intrigued enough to give it one more go. This time I did something different, I tried NW43...and I liked it a lot. The MUA came along and insisted to try to match me herself since she knew I had so much yellow undertones that being NW should make me ashy. She once again tried to place me between the NC 45 and 50, but she admitted that NW43 was the color. TA-DA!

Ok this foundation is amazing! It made my skin look ever so flawless, but not made up at all. The product is buildable so you can make it as sheer as you want. It also gave a glow to me. I WAS IN LOVE, PEOPLE! Price is kinda steep (29 bux) but quite frankly I didn't give two hoots because it was worth it and I would only use it for special occasions. Sorry no picture of the results. Ok, here is the bad news...I had to return it. YEAH I RETURNED actually gave me an allergic reaction. I had bumps on my chin and forehead where I applied it. My skin is not that sensitive so its rare for a product to give me a reaction. But... alas, it was not meant to be. I will always feel like its my lost love. *sniff*

On a more happier topic. I went into town and went shopping! This is the damage.
10 dollar black top from H&M along with a silver necklace, 15 dollar turtle neck from Rampage, Brunette MSF (which is the bomb) , and black flats from Chinese Laundry 24 bucks. Yes this is what you do when you are about to be unemployed for two years, spend your cash on things you don't need.

Oh yeah and I bought my boyfriend this cute snoopy from the Hallmark store. He really liked it.

After I met up with Lucy for a cup of mocha with awesome cheesecake from the North Side of Boston. Sorry I don't remember the name, I think it was Pompeii something. Awesome cheesecake!!!!

Now as well all know tomorrow is V-day but...I am working. So my boyfriend decided to surprise me with a deep dish pizza from GIODARNO's in Chicago (which is only the best deep dish in the world, nothing special). He ordered it and had it shipped overnight here. And its in a shape of a heart aww! Yum! Please ignore the knife that is about to stab the heart pizza.

So now I am at home and I will just veg out in front of the TV after all that. I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day and be safe!!! I will leave you with a picture of the Boston skyline.


Empress Journee' said...

That was real sweet.

Anonymous said...

I returned my Studio Sculpt as well, like you I'm always matched w/ NC45-NC50 since there's no shade in between. I ended going to the Prescriptives counter since I prefer powder foundation anyway (but hate Studio Fix). There I was matched as a Level 5 Y/O Ginger which I absolutely love! THe color is buildable and I didn't get oily all day. Try it! Now about that pizza! I wish I had known, I'm from Chicago and I love Giordano's pizza!!! Enjoy, you're right it's the best!

By the way, this is PinkAngel from LHCF

babycoconut said...

Thanks so much PinkAngel. I did try the NW43, and it did was a bit light for me, but I figured I would put powder over it which helped. But I will check out Presciptives for sure.