Friday, February 20, 2009

Curled my hair with the CHI

Super quick post. I curled my hair for the first time with my CHI flat iron. It was weird at first, but I got the hang of it and I like I can multitask!!There are a whole bunch of tutorials on youtube.
Here are the resultsHappy FRIDAY!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Playing with my makeup graveyard box

You ever had a makeup product that you tried before, hated it and just put it aside somewhere and forgot about it? I have a box called my makeup graveyard where I have all these products that were given to me or I bought and thought it completely sucked. One such product in there was Iman's Blush in Sable. When I first put it on, it looked very dark and looked like I got into a fight and lost. Last night, out of pure boredom, I decided to give it a go one more time, but this time to use as a contour. I used my BBR MSF in Brunette as a highlighter. Bam! Out of nowhere cheekbones appeared! (Ignore the horrible eyeshadow. I was trying to figure out how to use this awful green shade)

So now my Iman Sable has come back to life!

Then I went back and retried the stupid pink shade from L'Oreal Hip. I know in one post I used it and kinda liked it, but I could never get it to look right with the blue that came with it. Well, now that I have these new crease brushes from Essence of Beauty, application of eyeshadows are so much easier.Don't ask what I was doing before. I like it so much better. Other stuff I am trying to figure how to like better is MAC's Groundwork Paint Pot, Makeup For Ever Duo Mat 214(stuff looks orange on me, I look like a pumpkin)and this Ulta Palette I got for Christmas which contained that green color I am trying to work with above. I just feel bad throwing away anything, waste not, want not right?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Super Small Haul

Despite all the hype for the Hello Kitty Collection from MAC, I have decided that nothing really sparked my interest. I thought I would like Fresh Brew lipstick, but it really did not do anything for me. So, oh well more cash for me!

I did go to Ulta today to purchase a few things I have been wanting to try.
Carmex (just because I was sick of regular 'ol Chapstick), Sally Hansen's Natural Beauty lipstick in Seashell Nude, and NYX in Copper.

Seashell Nude is a nice neutral brownish/pink color that I could wear for everyday. Copper is a dupe of MAC's Coppering. It reminds me of a copper penny. I love it and will look fantastic for summer looks.Top is a swatch of the lipstick the bottom the NYX eyeshadow. This is my first NYX eyeshadow! Funny I have yet to buy any MAC eyeshadows. But since reading the lists of dupes floating around (Shoot me a message if you want a copy of this list), I doubt I will be buying any soon!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Losing My Mind In The Steets of Boston,Studio Sculpt

Happy Friday! I spent the day in Boston to visit my friend Lucy (hi Lucy if your reading this!) and it was just a day of eating and shopping. But let me start off with some sad news first. WARNING LONG POST.

Studio Sculpt Foundation
Lemme start of with a funny story. I have been shunning MAC foundations because I have been colormatched to be somewhere between NC45 and NC 50, however there is no color that exist between those two. But seeing that MAC had this new foundation out, I was intrigued enough to give it one more go. This time I did something different, I tried NW43...and I liked it a lot. The MUA came along and insisted to try to match me herself since she knew I had so much yellow undertones that being NW should make me ashy. She once again tried to place me between the NC 45 and 50, but she admitted that NW43 was the color. TA-DA!

Ok this foundation is amazing! It made my skin look ever so flawless, but not made up at all. The product is buildable so you can make it as sheer as you want. It also gave a glow to me. I WAS IN LOVE, PEOPLE! Price is kinda steep (29 bux) but quite frankly I didn't give two hoots because it was worth it and I would only use it for special occasions. Sorry no picture of the results. Ok, here is the bad news...I had to return it. YEAH I RETURNED actually gave me an allergic reaction. I had bumps on my chin and forehead where I applied it. My skin is not that sensitive so its rare for a product to give me a reaction. But... alas, it was not meant to be. I will always feel like its my lost love. *sniff*

On a more happier topic. I went into town and went shopping! This is the damage.
10 dollar black top from H&M along with a silver necklace, 15 dollar turtle neck from Rampage, Brunette MSF (which is the bomb) , and black flats from Chinese Laundry 24 bucks. Yes this is what you do when you are about to be unemployed for two years, spend your cash on things you don't need.

Oh yeah and I bought my boyfriend this cute snoopy from the Hallmark store. He really liked it.

After I met up with Lucy for a cup of mocha with awesome cheesecake from the North Side of Boston. Sorry I don't remember the name, I think it was Pompeii something. Awesome cheesecake!!!!

Now as well all know tomorrow is V-day but...I am working. So my boyfriend decided to surprise me with a deep dish pizza from GIODARNO's in Chicago (which is only the best deep dish in the world, nothing special). He ordered it and had it shipped overnight here. And its in a shape of a heart aww! Yum! Please ignore the knife that is about to stab the heart pizza.

So now I am at home and I will just veg out in front of the TV after all that. I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day and be safe!!! I will leave you with a picture of the Boston skyline.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Revlon Undereye Concealor Review

I have been using Bobbi Brown's corrector all this time and I really like it. It's just the price that's killing me. My goal for now is to look for great drugstore brands I can use for when I am in grad school and no longer working.

I went ahead and tried Revlon's Colorstay Undereye Concealer (SPF 15) to cover those darn circles I have. It is usually 9.99 in Walgreens but I got it for about 6.99 from a sale they are having.Yeah you can see from the packaging that I have managed to keep, I plan on returning it today. Well, first I liked how it is a little clicky pen type thing. Similar to Stila's lipglosses. Then I came to realize, I don't really like that because I can't clean the sponge thing and I don't want to keep putting that on my face.

So in terms of the product, I feel that it is not for someone with yellow undertones. The concealer comes off looking chalky on me. I also feel its a bit drying and the last thing I want is an undereye concealer that dries out that area. WRINKLES!! You can kinda see the where I applied the concealer in the picture. Its not horrible, but I know there is something better out there. On a positive note, I bet if the color was a bit better, it would have done a great job at hiding my circles since I feel the coverage isn't bad.

But yeah...this needs to go back from whence it came. I have enough unused/unwanted makeup products in my little case.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Beauty Crunch Sale!

I just got an email from Beauty Crunch that they are having a major sale on some Stila items. I mean these things are dirt cheap. Check it out because its as supplies last.

Check out the Shock Value Set if they still have it.

This weekend I got hold of the Mac's Photo lipstick I have been lusting after. Here is a picture

Funny thing is, it makes my teeth seem extra white. I couldn't stop looking at my teeth! Its a very deep brown, but it can be toned down for a daytime look with some gloss. Its almost time for the HK collection to hit my area! I can't wait to post what I buy from there.

I am also considering buying some of the Bare Minerals foundation for everyday use. I like the glow it gives me and its pretty light. Anyone else use their products? I used them before but I wasn't wowed by them. But then again I didn't try the foundation powder I was using their lipgloss.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bare Minerals 10 Day Supply

This weekend has been crazy! So much eating of Indian food and thanks to all my well wishers! I am still waiting for a response from a few schools, but my top choice is who accepted me on Thursday and that's all that matters!!!

Oh yeah I also scored a free 10 day supply of Bare Minerals Foundation along with a teeny weeny kabuki brush from Sephora with no purchase:

I literally walked up to a staff person and said I heard about the promotion. She matched my skin color, went into the counter, and gave me this. Check out your Sephora if they are doing this as well.

Here is a link for more info:
Sephora-Free Bare Minerals

I tried it quickly in the car with my boyfriend and he said it made me look like I was glowing. I will wear it to work tomorrow as a form of light coverage and see how I like it. Let me know if you guy get any success!

Friday, February 6, 2009


I just wanted to make a quick post that I got accepted to GRAD SCHOOL PEOPLE!!! Oh My God I am so happy! I have working toward this goal for two years. The field I am trying to get into is Speech Language Pathology, which helps people who have voice disorders. This is a great field to get into and it is in demand because there is a shortage. The area I have the most experience in is with children with autism with communication problems and I will probably continue to serve this population.

Competition is fierce to get into grad school, and to be honest I didn't think I would get in. They only accept 40 out of 300!! So let me get my party on tonight! After that, I will figure out how to pay for all this..eeeK!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Review of Revlon's Illuminance Creme Shadow

After watching a Youtube videos girls using this, I decided to go to Walgreens and buy a set knowing full well that if it sucked, I would return it. The one I bought was in Wild Orchids because purples are known to make brown eyes pop.
I tried the colors on my hand and they were just so pretty

Take One!

Ok, so let's see how this baby holds up after a few hours of work? I applied the lightest shade (first color in the picture) to my lids with no primer (yeah I know creme shadows + no primer=nothing good) here is a picture of the result:

EWwww...Creasing like it was nobody's business. Its ok, I have no one to impress at work anyways. I still liked the color on my lids. I decided to give it another go.

Take Two!

So yesterday I would be in meetings and all that stuff so there would be no time to be fussing with my makeup. I applied UDPP and used Loreal's Hip Duo in Rascal on the outer crease.

It held up! Yay!

My next trip to the drugstore, I will definitley be purchasing more colors. It gives a nice base and really makes colors pop. There will be plenty of experimenting to do. A primer is an absolute must or its a no go. This thing will crease like it has no momma. I also suggest you use a powder shadow over it to prevent creasing as well. They were 6.99 at my Walgreens but I am sure you can find them cheaper.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Favorite Lipsticks

Finding good lipsticks are hard for me because I have a dark ring around my lips which I like to think of as my built in lipliner (it gets darker in the summer >_<) It makes it hard for me to wear light, sheer colors. I tend to stick to browns, bronzes, and brownish red colors, though I am trying to move away from that and experiment more. Below are some of my favorite colors so far. Once again, I did not put any face makeup so get ready to see my perfect imperfections...hehe
Mac's Touch lipstick. I really like this pinkish/brownish color. It just warms my face right up, so pretty! It's a great nude for when I want to wear more dramatic eyeshadow or blush.

Mac's Viva Glam VI. I usually steer away from pinks because I usually have a hard time pulling it off. But while at the MAC store, I tried it and I fell in love. I didn't try it yet, but I bet it looks lovely paired with the Viva Glam glosses.

This is a horrible picture, I am sorry. This is Sephora's lipstick in Star. I know its hard to see but it is a bronze/brown color with specks of glitter in it. Its a staple for me and I wear it often. They go for 12$ I believe.

\This color is Cargo Nahini. Got it for my b-day and I wore it all summer because it is similar to tinted chapstick. Just a hint of color. I like it but probably wont be repurchasing because...well... like I said...its like tinted chapstick. 20$ at Sephora.

I am kinda bummed out I can't go to the Hello Kitty unvieling tonight because I am working. There are a couple of things I am interested in buying once it comes out in full effect. Romping eyeshadow and the lipstick in Most Popular seem interesting to me. Kinda broke these months because I am saving up for grad school, but I can scrape up alittle something for this collection. With everyone so hyped up for the HK collection,I wonder if MAC is even being affected by the recession?