Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Beauty Crunch Sale!

I just got an email from Beauty Crunch that they are having a major sale on some Stila items. I mean these things are dirt cheap. Check it out because its as supplies last.

Check out the Shock Value Set if they still have it.

This weekend I got hold of the Mac's Photo lipstick I have been lusting after. Here is a picture

Funny thing is, it makes my teeth seem extra white. I couldn't stop looking at my teeth! Its a very deep brown, but it can be toned down for a daytime look with some gloss. Its almost time for the HK collection to hit my area! I can't wait to post what I buy from there.

I am also considering buying some of the Bare Minerals foundation for everyday use. I like the glow it gives me and its pretty light. Anyone else use their products? I used them before but I wasn't wowed by them. But then again I didn't try the foundation powder I was using their lipgloss.


Sarai said...

very pretty!

Mona said...

your skin looks great!

i want that stila sett!